Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins


Title : Until There Was You
Author : Kristan Higgins
First Published : 2011
Publisher : HQN Books
Pages : 416 pages

The Serenity Prayer could be applied to dating : God grant me the courage to date the men who aren't idiots, the serenity to accept the fact that many men are idiots, and the wisdom to know the difference

I always love the familiar things I got from Kristan Higgins’ books. The family restaurants, the innocent ladies, the bad boys. Well, especially the bad boys. I’m really happy because I got all of them in this book. Cordelia ‘Posey’ Osternhagen is our heroine in this story. Even though she was adopted by a family of German chefs, she’s not much of a cook herself. She’s always under the shadow of her super perfect cousin, Gretchen.

In her teenage years, Posey fell in love with Liam Murphy, a bad biker boy, just freshly came out from Juvie. But Liam was a womanizer, and no matter what, he’d never pay attention to a wallflower that was Posey. However, when Liam worked part time in her family restaurant, Posey found Liam feeding a stray cat in the back of her tamily restaurant. From that moment on, Posey realized that despite of his tough exterior, somewhere inside his heart, there’s an undeniable kindness. And eventually, Posey fell deeper in love with him.

Who wouldn't fall in love with a man who took the time to feed a homeless kitty?

But unfortunately Liam’s heart was set on Emma Tate, the perfect, nice and popular girl in their school. Posey’s heart broke, but she still secretly had a hope that Liam would notice him someday. Until a few hours before Prom, Posey heard Liam called him an unappealing bag of bones. Posey’s heart now shattered in pieces. After graduated, she went from her hometown and left all her memories about Liam behind.

Twenty years later, Posey has settled once again in her hometown, has a good job and even a fling with Dante Bellini, an Italian chef who’s also her family restaurant’s biggest rival. When Posey thinks her life is good and comfortable, Posey needs to think again, because Liam Murphy has come back in town, as a widower with kids, and for sure hotter than ever. When Posey lays her eyes into Liam, she knows that even after twenty years and an insult that crushed Posey’s confidence, Posey never really get over Liam.

Don't fall in love with me, Cordelia. No one's ever been glad they did that.

I really enjoyed this book, there’s no single second I spent without feeling something while reading every sentences. I loved all the characters and also the interactions among them, especially the relationship between Liam and his daughter Nicole. While Liam is not my favorite character as a person (well, he’s hot but a jerk is a jerk), his interactions with her daughter makes him more humane. It gives him depth that I look for in a male lead of a book. And what’s sexier than a guy who gives everything for his daughter well being?

This nice boy is not nice. Trust me, I've been a boy. You have no idea how not nice we are.

But what I love the most from this book and also from other Higgins’ books are the witty conversations. The convos feel so real like it comes straight away from human daily interaction and not a part of a fictional romance.

Overall, this is my favorite Higgins’ book so far to the point that I don’t know how to review this book properly because I just love it so much.

And since there’s a dog in this story, this book deserves more and more stars even though I’ve given all the stars I can give already. Can’t wait to read her other books :)

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